Awkward Aza New York City

// Carrot Cake in East HArlem//

So a while back lol. I met someone at the carrot cake spot near my old job. I didn’t think anything of it. He introduced himself to me I chatted, I am very aloof. He gives me his card and I was like wow he’s cute why not. So the next day I texted him.

We chatted for a bit and then i just realized he was into these same ole games so I stopped texting him. Especially after we made plans to meet and he cancelled. 

We get back into contact, maybe a month later through initiation by him. Plans are made and cancelled and then we finally meet up lol and things take a turn for a worse. Ha ha ha but its all good.  

Just know I think I have an addictive personality. 

// Date # 2 : Updates//

Lol so some people actually read this. So ha ha I really don’t remember date 2 and since I don’t remember it. I doubt it happened. I feel like i know who is date #2 is. And he has some issues. 

i believe he is 30 something and still trying to go to school which isn’t a problem. But it is a problem when you are 30 something and haven’t gotten your plan settled to go back to school. Hmm maybe I am being naive.


Ohh buy he has contacted me recently and wants to hang out. Should I? My friend says I should date but maybe I am not the dating type or maybe I am not confident enough. I don’t know its very frustrating. 

// Prospect # 2//

There is a prospect#2. DAte soon come. Sunday… we will see what happens

// Prospect # 1//

So I said let me use this service I’m paying for . I log on and decided to contact this one guy who gave me his phone number from before and liked a whole bunch of my date suggestions. I text him and from there things get awkward but i dont think its from my end. I text; he barely answers or answers the next morning with a good morning and some excuse. He asks when are we going on a date. I respond no response from him until two days later when he decides on one. SO we have a date set for tonight. No text, no call. Mind you i texted him some days ago no response  Lol I guess its safe to say no date today or ever with PRospect #1 lmao #LeSIGH




This angry food is making my year right now.


Tasty and aggressive, two of my favorite things.

I lol’d. so hard.

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Was told I have some awkward moments to share.
So I decided to share them!